Cloud Computing and Services

Cloud computing is one of the most popular concept nowadays as more and more start ups and other Small and Medium Organizations(SME) are increasingly deploying the applications in the cloud environment where the resources are shared between the consumers. Consumers usually enjoy the following benefits:

  • Cost
  • Networking/System Administrative overheads
  • Network security issues.

It is important to know the services and the deployment models when we talk about cloud:

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Using Open Source Products

  • Identifying widely adopted open source for core business services and other support services
  • Validation of the solution that fits into the organization IT landscape
  • Being accountable for better UX design, seamless login and multi channel access
  • Customization by integrating with other Open Source or COTS products

Idea to Implementation

  • Virtually realizing your ideas by simulating how the end product behaves with respect to the ones currently available in market and enhancing the same in the process
  • Identify and build the right platform for developing and maintaining  the solution
  • Network with industry expertise for filling the knowledge gap and implementation
  • Liason through out the build process and transition to support on continuous basis
  • Review the performance and steer through continuously