Cloud Computing and Services

Cloud computing is one of the most popular concept nowadays as more and more start ups and other Small and Medium Organizations(SME) are increasingly deploying the applications in the cloud environment where the resources are shared between the consumers. Consumers usually enjoy the following benefits:

  • Cost
  • Networking/System Administrative overheads
  • Network security issues.

It is important to know the services and the deployment models when we talk about cloud:

Cloud Services
IAAS(Infrastructure as a Service) – Provides computing infrastructure, including servers, storage, network, and operating systems as an on-demand service
SAAS(Software as a Service) – Complete functional applications are provided along with the required software, operating system, hardware, and a network over the internet.
PAAS(Platform as a Service) – Platform for building and delivering an application

Cloud Deployment Models
A cloud deployment model represents a specific type of cloud environment, primarily distinguished by ownership, size, and access.

Public Clouds – publicly accessible cloud environment owned by a third-party cloud provider.
Community Clouds – similar to a public cloud except that its access is limited to a specific community cloud customers
Private Clouds – private cloud is owned by a single organization.
Hybrid Clouds – cloud environment comprised of two or more different cloud deployment models eg. combination of private and public cloud
Other Deployment Models

Our expertise lies in advising our clients to choose which cloud deloyment model or which service and serve our customers in migration as well as deployment. The benefits would be cost as well as time.

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