IT Career Bridge Course

Computer Basics (Recap)

  • IT Projects – Agile Development, Product Customization, Business Analytics, Testing
  • Computer Resources – CPU, Memory, I/O (Drivers, Network)
  • OS – Process Mgmt, File System (Drivers & Network), GUI Manager
  • Administration – Security, Profiles, Packaging and Installation
  • Topologies – LAN, WAN, VM Ware, Cloud (IAAS, PAAS, SAAS)


RegEx, PHP, Java, .Net, NodeJS

Learn Web Technologies @ W3Schools

Week Topic Sw Required Project
1 HTML, CSS and Javascript Sublime Text Application Form
2 RegEx and XSLT Sublime Text Shopping Cart
3 Version Control and Grunt Build Git, NodeJs AngularJS Project
4 Sql, NoSql MySQL, Mongolab Telephone Directory


  • Principles & Patterns
  • Enterprise Patterns
  • UML
  • Metrics – (Dependencies, Static Code Analysis, Code Coverage)
  • Performance – CPU, Memory, Network


  • MySQL, MongoDB
  • LAMP
  • ASP .Net
  • MEAN
  • Eclipse – (debug, unit testing, code analysis, db explorer)
  • Visual Studio

Product Customization

  • API
  • Report Design
  • ETL
  • Workflow
  • Integration
  • ERP


  • Manual Testing
    • Scenarios, Cases, Cycles, Results, Re-Test & Close
  • Automated GUI & Web Testing
  • Performance Testing

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