IT Career Bridge Course

Computer Basics (Recap)

  • IT Projects – Agile Development, Product Customization, Business Analytics, Testing
  • Computer Resources – CPU, Memory, I/O (Drivers, Network)
  • OS – Process Mgmt, File System (Drivers & Network), GUI Manager
  • Administration – Security, Profiles, Packaging and Installation
  • Topologies – LAN, WAN, VM Ware, Cloud (IAAS, PAAS, SAAS)

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Using Open Source Products

  • Identifying widely adopted open source for core business services and other support services
  • Validation of the solution that fits into the organization IT landscape
  • Being accountable for better UX design, seamless login and multi channel access
  • Customization by integrating with other Open Source or COTS products

Idea to Implementation

  • Virtually realizing your ideas by simulating how the end product behaves with respect to the ones currently available in market and enhancing the same in the process
  • Identify and build the right platform for developing and maintaining  the solution
  • Network with industry expertise for filling the knowledge gap and implementation
  • Liason through out the build process and transition to support on continuous basis
  • Review the performance and steer through continuously